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FrontPage Hosting -- Starting at only $7.95 / Month!

Don't pay $19.95 a month to host a site you paid $15.00 for!

You probably came to our site in search of low cost FrontPage templates and themes. So if you buy one of ours -- where you gonna host it? Unless you just intend to use the free hosting account with your ISP or a place like Geocities, you'll need reliable web hosting services for your website.

  Unix / Linux hosts that support FrontPage extensions

Also, in case you already have a host that doesn't support FrontPage, there is a free download program called KISSfp that allows you to upload your FrontPage-based websites to hosts without MS Server Extensions by using FTP (File-Transfer-Protocol). It saves space on your web host by selecting just the files required. Visit the KISSfp site for the Free Download.

  Most important point to remember for FrontPage Hosting!

I know its probably an obvious point, but -- always pick a provider that supports FrontPage extensions. And not just in general. Find out which of the specific versions are supported -- 98 / 2000 / 2002.

That is why the three UNIX hosts listed above all support FrontPage up to version 2002. It's not enough to save money on a good host only to find that you won't be able to use FrontPage to directly manage your site's files.

FrontPage extensions are important for two reasons.

  1. First, it will save you many hours of time in publishing your site to the web, especially when compared to uploading your site through the use of a separate FTP program -- unless you use the KISSfp add-in mentioned above.
  2. Second, it is proof that the web hosting provider you are choosing has a commitment to providing a certain level of quality and convenience with their web hosting services.

As a last word of caution, please don't make the mistake of choosing free hosting. Those services typically include mandatory banner advertising, provide inadequate customer support, and are generally unreliable in terms of download speed and server capacity. And they certainly don't support FrontPage extensions!