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FrontPage Tools

For serious FrontPage webmasters, there are many easy-to-use FrontPage Add-Ins that allow you to quickly add advanced functionality to your web site. We have several very useful FrontPage Add-Ins listed in our online storefront. These products include PageTools Version 2, PHP Rocket, Media Manager 1.2 and Spooky Login Version 2.5.

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In addition, we have listed some highly effective FrontPage Add-Ins and web site tools from other third-party software providers. Note: All of the Add-Ins listed on this page are commercial ones requiring purchase to use. For no-cost FrontPage Add-Ins, take a look at some of the sites listed on our Related Links page. Those are all freely downloaded for personal use.

FrontPage Add-Ins and Effects from DPA Software

DPA Software has won the Cool Tools award and been reviewed by PC Magazine for the many amazing FrontPage effects & tools they have to offer. They have created the Super Themes browser for FrontPage, as well as several image effects packages and tools for FrontPage Themes.

Frontlook FX Series -- Eye-candy effects to dress up your web site with no HTML programming! Available in money-saving bundles, and with lower prices for first-time buyers. Effects include:

- Scroller Applet and Slide Show Applet
- Image Effects and Text Effects Applets
- Page Effects and Cursor Effects
- Splash Pages for FrontPage Themes

Frontlook Chameleon -- for changing the color, saturation or brightness of any FrontPage Theme in a matter of seconds with a full theme preview window and changing the color of any gif or jpg image on your web without bringing up an image editor. This add-in supports versions 2000 and 2002.

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Java Add-Ins for FrontPage

The tools available from WebsUnlimited are fully integrated into FrontPage 2002! Once installed, the add-in toolbar appears when FrontPage is opened. You can drag and drop it anywhere for quick and easy access. Their best tools include:

J-Bots Plus 2002 -- features 87 components that can make your FrontPage web sites more attractive, engaging, and easier to navigate. Theyre fast and easy, and no programming skills are required. Simply fill in dialog boxes, click Generate, and JavaScript code will automatically create the function you desire. Modify with just a double click.

Meta Tag Maker 2002 -- create and manage meta tags through one, easy to use, dialog box.

Calendar Wizard 2002 -- create one-month calendar pages up to the year 2008! Once a calendar is generated, you can resize it, change font size, color, etc. as you would in any FrontPage table.

Visit WebsUnlimited to learn more

ASP Add-Ins For FrontPage

MaineNet Enterprises has six top-notch ASP add-ins for FrontPage.

AspFaq is a dynamic "Frequently Asked Questions" management system that allows you or your CSR/Tech Support team to create a menu driven FAQ Website Application without any hard coding. The system will make it simple to create a listing of answers to questions as they occur and cut down on help and information requests that take up your time and cost you money.

AspID is a dynamic password system with Web Browser administration. It is designed for Webmasters who want to control entry into certain Web Pages.

AspMemberEeeZ -- Create a secure membership area for your web site with this Active Server Page / MS Access application. Easy to install, easier to use!

AspNews -- Update and maintain articles and news items on your web site with this full-featured and extremely flexible News System. Includes three levels of administrator access (Publisher, Editor and Reporter) and optional Visitor News Submission.

AspTopSites is an easy to install and use web application for building your own TopSites listing service.

AspWebSurv -- create interest and gather valuable information about what your site visitors think using a dynamic polling system. IP tracking prevents multiple voting by the same visitor and guarantees accuracy!

Visit MaineNet Enterprise to learn more